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Perfect Fit Buttons: "Does it Work?"

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Joe Terrell went searching for an "As Seen on TV" product that families could really use this Thursday and Friday and Saturday and you know, this one might just get use well after Christmas... into swimsuit season!

If you tend to be a little extra thankful this Thanksgiving, you might need to try the Perfect Fit Button, it promises to add an inch to any pants waist in seconds.

The Perfect Fit comes with buttons in brown, khaki black and the classic blue jean. The end of the replacement buttons are pretty sharp, so be careful.

We found you can use the buttons to extend your waistline and take it in. In an emergency the buttons can be used as a replacement, not the most stylish thing in the pants world. But in a pinch, it beats the cinch.

Does It Work? We give the perfect fit button a "yes".

You get a set of 8 perfect fit buttons for $10.
We found ours on sale at Dollar General for just 5!

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