TSA pat down leaves man covered in urine

LANSING, MI (CNN) - A bladder cancer survivor from Michigan who wears a urostomy bag that collects his urine said a rough pat-down by a security agent caused the bag to spill.

Tom Sawyer, 61, is a retired special education teacher and said he asked to be examined more discreetly.

"They just started telling me about what the pat-down procedure was going to be, just totally ignoring my three requests, to tell him my medical condition," Sawyer said.

Despite his warning, Sawyer said the TSA officials proceeded as if they didn't hear him and swiped his bag full of urine making it spill all down his pants.

Sawyer said he was mortified. "This was so embarrassing and so humiliating," Sawyer said. "I wasn't prepared, I don't think anyone was."

He has filed a formal complaint but has not heard back from TSA officials.

Sawyer feels no one should be treated they way he was and hopes to get an apology from TSA.

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