Picture Perfect Finish

By Coleman Swierc

WHITE OAK, TX (KLTV) - If a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Then this season, was a novel for White Oak volleyball.

"We knew that we were not going to lose, we went through the whole season knowing with that as our goal, and we were going to achieve it," said senior Morgan Wilson.

With what seemed the whole town in the stands, in San Marcos, the Lady Necks did something never done before.

"That last point hit, and it was just insane," said senior Tara Wait.

End the end, the brought home the first volleyball championship in school history.

"I don't think we believed it until we got home," added Wilson, "It was crazy."

"We went back to work during two a days, we had a good attitude about it," said tournament MVP Abbey Bybel, "We went back to work and won it."

"Since we were the first, it was a honor," added Wait, "And having gone out with a bang like that, was a big relief."

So with trophy in hand, the team returned home, as heroes.

"We had a huge pep rally." said Bybel "I mean we have a small town and almost everyone was there, they were behind us all the way, our fans at state, were awesome.

"We knew that they supported us throughout this, and to see that many fans drive 6 hours was a big deal," added Wilson.

"The whole stadium was like filled," added Wait, "It was just awesome."

And that's a picture, that will last a lifetime.

"It is sad the season is over, but I cant imagine going out any other way."

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