A Better East Texas: Vegan Virgin Valentine

We usually apply the following thoughts to the on-line experience that, as parents, we need to monitor what our children are exposed to and make sure that any questionable content they encounter is dealt with. But did you ever think that those words would apply to your child's school library? Well such is the case in Quitman and no doubt several other school districts across the area. The book – Vegan Virgin Valentine has some questionable content and explicit terms that most parents will find very objectionable. In the Quitman I. S.D. case, the issue with the book was brought up to the principal and then the superintendent. The superintendent decided to pull the book from the library and a short time later he was bought out of his contract, essentially fired! Now there is a lot to this story, but it seems that the superintendent did not have the authority to pull the book. If a teacher in a classroom had written some of the content on a sheet of paper and hung it in the classroom the teacher would have been fired. The superintendent has no authority to remove that content from the library? It doesn't make sense and it is just another indication that some school districts have lost sight that their primary role is to provide a quality education that reflects the values of the community. The next generation's future is at stake and all school districts need to keep this point in mind and help make for a Better East Texas.