Hunter kills 18-point buck

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

OAKFIELD, GA (WALB) –It's been a trophy year for hunters from giant alligators to big bucks. Tonight, the story of a hunter who killed a 18-point buck near Oakfield.

He hopes it will make it into the record books.

George Brannen spent his whole life looking for a deer like this. "I think he was a freak, a freak of nature, I think all book deer are," said George Brannen.

He's been on African Safaris, New Zealand Hunts, and he's even taken trips out west but this 18-point 230 pound buck was killed in his own backyard in Worth County, "He indicated to me one of his dreams was to grow and kill a book deer and I was relatively certain from the cameras that this deer would do it," said Red Oaks Plantation Manager Brian McClure.

A few years back, Brannen and his plantation manager Brian McClure started watching the deer on trail cameras at his Worth County plantation in Oakfield. "He was a 12-point last year, this year he shows up he is an 18-point," he said.

And despite some worries, he never went too far, "This place is not fenced at all, they can go wherever they want," he said.

And on November 7th when the deer was walking to a soy bean patch, Brannen killed him with a rifle. But what makes this deer this size unusual is its age. "A deer that old typically will not grow that much at his age, he should not have increased in size that much," he said.

They figured the deer was three or four years old, but after killing it they discovered it was closer to an 8-year old buck. "Typically the deer on this property from age 6 1/2 forward their antlers decline," said McClure.

But this deer's antlers grew, 6 whole points. And now they hope this trophy will earn them a spot in Boone and Crockets top 20 non-typicals ever killed in Georgia. "It looks like he may score enough to be typical and non typical both," he said.

They will have an official score in January.

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