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Pilot owns flying WWII history

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LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An East Texas pilot owns part of aviation history, and he didn't even realize it when he bought it. Scott Glover bought a 60 year old plane that turned out to be one of the last of the planes that dropped paratroopers over Africa and Europe during World War II. He found the C-47 Skytrain in an Arlington aviation graveyard. Glover bought it without knowing anything about it.

"I had zero idea of the history , I knew it was built as a C-47 and I knew after that war that it was a general motors airplane until about 1969, what we're sitting in now may very well be the most historically documented aircraft of World War II," Glover says.

It was one of the workhorses of the war. Flown by Lieutenant Don King, it flew over 100 missions, from north Africa, to Italy to D-Day to Holland. It is the only recorded surviving aircraft to have taken part in missions over Africa all the way through the crossing of the Rhine in Europe. Aside from new engines, it is exactly like it was in 1944.

"The really interesting thing about it is we have the pilots diary as he was flying sitting in this seat," he says.

Kings flight diary chronicles the actual beginning of Invasion Europe.

"They flew hundreds of supply missions," says Glover.

The C-47's flew unarmed, and hundreds were shot down.

"I really can't even tell you what I imagine they were going through, I'm a steward of a very historic aircraft, a piece of American history," Scott says.

Scott Glover has been in touch with a former pilot and a former paratrooper from the C-47, who reunited through glovers research on the planes history. He's also made contact with Lieutenant King's family who didn't realize that the plane was still flying.

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