The Segway Now In East Texas

If you're driving around in Longview anytime soon, you might catch a glimpse of an unusual two-wheeled contraption cruising the streets. It's called the Segway. We're used to seeing cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the road, but this?  Ray Shelby of Longview bought one beacause he says he was, "Bored to death; there's more to do than working on the yard watching television, playing computer games, so i got this and it has made a lot of difference."

Shelby now cruises around town on his electric powered Segway scooter, maximum speed 12 miles per hour, balanced by computer gyroscopes. It's the latest way to hit the open road, and it's attracting a lot of attention. A two hour charge and Shelby's ready for a day's ride, and talking to anyone who'll listen about his new ride. He says its already improving his love life, "Oh the ladies love it!"

It's not exactly a thundering motorcycle, but Shelby hopes more will join him.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.