East Texas Inmate Dies

Yesterday, officers rushed to 35 year old Baron Seigh's jail cell. He appeared to be choking on something. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Monday, Seigh led police on a high speed chase in White Oak, crashing his pick- up near I-20 and injuring his leg. He was given a crutch while in custody which seems to be where he got the item he choked on; the rubber end of a crutch.

Investigators say they do not believe it was suicide. Assistant Chief G.W. Howard with the White Oak Police Department said, "Ask particularly questioning and we usually tell them what its for.  That leads us and if they get a certain number of the questions that way then we put them on suicide watch. He did not rate high enough to do that."

Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.