Three Siblings Looking For One Home

It's a fun afternoon for three siblings playing together: 5 year old Donshaylese, 4 year old Andrea and 2 year old Dadraylin. What makes it so special, is they only get to see each other about once a month. They were split up after being removed from their home. Sandy Sadler with Child Protective Services says, "These 3 kids are very close, very bonded. Right now they're not in a foster home together and all three of the kids are grieving not seeing their siblings everyday." In a soft voice Donshaylese adds, "I really do miss my sister. If I could stay with my brother and my sister then I'd feel happy."

Andrea and her little brother were both born with drugs in their system. Despite a chaotic home environment, including a Mom that did drugs, all three children are now healthy and happy. "They love life." Sadler goes on to say, "You've got an instant family and I think they will make parents proud. I see a lot of potential with these kids. I really feel like with the right encouragement these kids could go all the way."

These sisters are both very bright, never missing a beat. They catch on quickly and have a desire to learn, but each has their own unique personality. The oldest, Donshaylese, is quiet and compliant. She says, "I like coloring, reading books and just going outside to play." She also likes helping out with chores and has a positive outlook with high hopes. "I just wish I was a princess who lived in a pink castle with sparkles," she says with a slight smile.

Andrea, just celebrated her 4th birthday. She is much more outgoing and loud. She's very curious, plays to the fullest, and can be very competitive. Because of past abuse, she will probably need the most attention of the three children.

Dadraylin is a stocky, active little boy who turns 2 in just a few weeks. He is affectionate and playful. He has been in foster care most of his life.

These children will need patient parents, a structured environment and plenty of positive reinforcement, but most of all they need the Gift of Love. They long for the day when they can play together everyday, sharing a forever family. "I really do love them," says Donshaylese about her siblings. Sadler says, "To look at these smiles when they're happy, when they're together to see their face light up shows you they need to stay together. These kids are ready for parents to come into their lives to embrace them and be a family. We just need that family to say, 'These are my kids!'"

If you'd like to know more about these siblings, or how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll-free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.