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Beard-growing fund raiser held in Kilgore

By Bob Hallmark

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - The phrases "close shave" or "smooth" won't be said at Good Day Coffee and Books in Kilgore this month, because of a strange charity drive that started by 19 year old Dakota Bassett.

"Everybody was taking off with this notion of "No Shave November" idea, so me and my buddies decided we'd take a bet who can go the longest without shaving and whoever shaves first gets slapped," Bassett says.

Kilgore College freshman are forgoing shaving gear as part of a Facebook drive and have turned their bristly beards into a local 'fund-razor.'

"Everybody was doing no shave November on Facebook and stuff why not make it a charity," he says.

You can give donations without a beard. And women are not shaving their legs as part of it.

"We have a lady who's doing the charity too she's not shaving her legs , yuck, that's her choice," says Bassett.

They started November first, and all donated razors and shaving cream will be donated to area homeless shelters.

"If you don't want to grow a beard you don't have to , we'll do it for you," Bassett says.

Urging businesses and the motley unshaved to drop off new razors and shaving cream - along with soap, cash and other toiletries.

A collection box for shaving toiletries and cash donations is at the coffee shop on Kilgore Street.  Bassett says he will continue the drive through December.

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