A Better East Texas: Pit Bulls

We recently saw the story of another pit bull attack resulting in a child's death. There continues to be a lot of emotion and you can see it in the comments on the story here on our website. Ultimately logic and responsibility need to trump emotion, but emotion does cause people to act.  I said it from this podium about two years ago that pit bull owners need to read a book on self-regulation. They should organize to establish some type of control system to deal with, what most owners say is a minority of owners that don't properly handle the breed. If not, it appears that regulation is on the way and that regulation could include outlawing the breed. I have a hard time with that notion because of the freedoms our society offers, but there is a reason that you don't need a permit to carry a BB gun and you do need a permit to carry a handgun.  It shows that you are responsible, have had some amount of training and have a measure of self discipline. If pit bulls become an outlawed breed it will be because responsible dog owners did not act and organize. Crying foul on the sidelines will only take you out of the driver's seat. Being responsible to society no matter what the cause can preserve your own interests and that will make for a Better East Texas.