Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover: "Does It Work?"

Pain-free, cream- free hair removal. You've seen those little pen shaped hair removers on TV. In this "Does It Work?" report we put the Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover to the test.

According to the package, it removes hair instantly and pain free. Good for chin, ankles, feet, bikini lines even eyebrows. And that's what J.J., one of our producers, will try it on.

J.J. regularly waxes her eyebrows and agreed to give the Finishing Touch a try.

The Finishing Touch takes one AAA battery, not included.

Rather than test it on an important facial feature, J.J. first tries it on her arm. "It tickles. I can hardly feel it."

In reality, there's nothing to fear. You get a special two sided eyebrow comb-- a guard to keep this mini-shaver from cutting the eyebrow too close. One side cuts them short... the other long.  J.J. starts with the long side.

She says it's working, but just barely.

"It didn't really take off a whole lot. It trimmed them a little," says J.J.

Next, she tries the short comb. "It's taking it off on the short side a little."

J.J. says you have to press down really hard. She gets brave and takes the guard off.

"Now we're getting some hair off. It actually took it really close."

But it's still falling short of her expecations when it comes to shaping the eyebrows, especially the bottom side. "It's not taking these hairs underneath here off."

Once the eyebrows were done, we tried the neck a little. It did a nice job there. But would it ever be able to replace the "wax on, wax off" routine J.J. puts herself through weekly?

"No, not really. It would be good to trim, if they're really long on top, just to trim over them and that's kind of cool because you don't have to get the scissors close enough to trim them. But it does on the top. I've really great shape there now."

Maybe it's good for in-between waxings... but does that alone justify the cost?  "Does It Work?"

"I'd give it a yes," says J.J.

The Finishing Touch is available at discount and drug stores for about 10 dollars.

Joe Terrell, reporting.