New details on woman killed by train

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Police say an argument may have led to a Gladewater woman being hit and killed by a train.

Last night, 36 year old Crystilla Houston was hit by an Amtrak train on Broadway and Pacific avenue in Gladewater.

Trains are frequent at the junction, where investigators are now trying to figure out why Houston was hit and killed by one.

"We don't know , this whole town is in shock," says childhood friend Beverly Daniels.

Police say Houston had an altercation with another person in her vehicle, stopping just short of the tracks.

"We are looking at the possibility of a suicide but maybe not she may have slipped and fell but for whatever reason she was on the tracks and was struck by a train," says Gladewater Police Chief Farrell Alexander.

"All the signals and arms were working properly with the train, it was easy to know that there was a train coming through," he says.

She jumped from her van only 2 blocks away from her home.  a mother of two, caring for her mother, going to Kilgore College,  friends are having a tough time believing she would have given all that up.

"She was wonderful to me , she was good to me I couldn't ask for no better child, she was good to me and we're going to miss her,  I still don't believe it," says her mother, Dianne Houston.

"We grew up together, she was looking forward to being a safety inspector for OSHA,  we had a conversation about church and turning her life around, she was a great mom to her children," Daniels says.

At least one witness told police Houston stumbled onto the tracks, only Houston may ever know the truth.

"She had two beautiful children we don't know what happened I truly don't I couldn't sleep last night because it was so heavy on my mind," Daniels says.

Both Gladewater Police and Union Pacific are investigating.

Crystilla Houston's funeral will be held on Sunday.

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