Lamb Family Apologizes For Tragedy

Two other volunteers were also killed in Thursday's explosion in Kilgore. 24 year old Melinda Edmundson and 59 year old Martin Donner.

After Marvin's funeral this morning, the Lamb and Donner family's came together to support on another and to speak about the tragedy. Joe Lamb, who owned Lamb entertainment, expressed his apologies to everyone affected by the blast.

"I can't say enough how sorry I am for the pain and the suffering and the loss of life and the loss of property. I wish I could change it, I wish I could make it different but I can't," says Joe Lamb.

"God is the one who gives life and it's not our place to question when or why he takes it away. This was simply a tragedy that no man could control," says Martin Donner's son, Daniel.

Both families say they are long-time friends who will support each other through this time.

Amy Tatum reporting.