Marvin Lamb Is Laid To Rest

Tuesday a community said good-bye to 70-year old Marvin Lamb. Friends and family say he died doing what he loved.

Lamb was one of three people who died in Thursday's explosion at a fireworks warehouse in Kilgore. Marvin Lamb's funeral was attended by more than six hundred people. Those who knew him describe him as a faithful and dedicated family man.

"Oh folks you know this precise, steady, one of a kind, disciplined, laid back, compassionate man. He's the one who brought all of us to this place today," says Reverend Robert Besser as he spoke to family and friends at Lamb's funeral.

Born Joseph Marvin Lamb everyone knew him as Marvin. 45 years ago Marvin worked at the old Crim Theater in Kilgore, and so did a girl who had caught his eye.

"At that time Mary Kennedy was the pop-corn girl and Marvin liked pop-corn," says Reverend Besser during the service.

"They were not only married to each other they were bonded together in so many ways. That's how you remember Marvin is Mary. Marvin and Mary," says Mike Kerr. Kerr knew Marvin all his life. He says to understand who Marvin Lamb was, you have to understand what and who he loved most. He loved his wife, his children, his job and even his dog. "He loved the little dog Sandy so much. I understand the dog was found underneath or near Marvin so they were together even in death it was kind of a bitter, sweet ending," says Kerr.

"He died doing what he loved most about all of his jobs. He died happy doing that," says the Reverend.

Marvin's friends and family say they choose not to remember how he lost his life, but instead how he lived it.

Amy Tatum reporting.