East Texas Actor Takes Screen in Short Film

Josh Clephus's dreams have taken him from a teenager working at the Tram Tex Nursery with his dad in Tyler to a young actor on the horizon in Hollywood.

"I packed all my stuff up when I was 18 and went to Austin for a new adventure," says Josh Clephas.

Then, acting was a long way from hauling hundreds of plants a day in the hot East Texas sun. But, that hard labor prepared him for his journey to tough Tinseltown.

"I am not afraid to sweat now and put in the hard hours that it takes to do accomplish anything big," says Josh.

That philosophy is paying off for Josh who has already modeled in Korea.

"It just goes to show someone from a small town has a chance in this world," says Jack Clephas, Josh's father.

Jack, Josh's father can't wait to see his son's most recent and exciting project, which they're hoping is josh's ticket to movie stardom.

"The next thing you know the project was pulled together just right with Tim Roth, Nicki Micheaux of 6 feet under, Richard Schiff of the West Wing and I was right there in the middle of all this talent."

"If he got his feet in the door you just never know," says Josh's Dad.

Now Josh is hoping his film "With It" with Schiff and Roth will perform well enough at Sundance and Cannes to get him his first feature roll.

Dana Dixon, reporting