Dead Beat Dad Owes Close To Half-Million In Child Support

"He told me many times, I don't have to pay child support because no one can make me. Basically he was right," says Sally Bearden.

Her husband, Ted Bearden, has avoided paying child support for 17 years.

"The Judge said he had to pay $1300 a month in child support, but he vanished. He didn't even show up for the divorce hearing," she explains.

Today he owes Sally's kids $494, 000. She and her boys needed the money all these years. She relied on God to survive, but times were tough. She lost her home and had to move in with her parents. Plus, one of her children was very sick for years.

"The money would have been a blessing for just the medical expenses," Sally says.

The Attorney General's Office was no help to Sally. They said it was out of there hands because he crossed state lines. But Sally wasn't going to give up. She and family attorney Mike Hogan tracked him across the country. Then just two weeks ago Sally got a call from Ted's latest ex wife.

"She contacted me and said I know you're looking for Ted and I know where he is."

Ted is now back in East Texas.

A judge set his cash bond at $250, 000 so he can't run -- and in 2 weeks punishment will be decided.

"It's just a matter of right and wrong. You can't break the law and get away with it," she says.

She hopes other parents will realize they can do something to stop dead beat parents as well -- even when it seem impossible.

"Keep going forward. Keep pursuing different avenues. If you get a road block, go another place. You need the finances for the kids and remember there's hope as we saw today."