UPDATE: Company to investigate $7,000 water bill

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PALESTINE, TX (KLTV)- A 98-year-old East Texas man is fighting a $7,000 water bill. Gilmer Parrish says there's no way he used that much water in just 30 days. After water line expert Charlotte Parks examined Parrish's property, Parks says she's on his side.

"They should be able to locate where the leak is with that much water since there is nothing green out here," said Parks.

Parks is searching for an explanation. Norwood Water Supply Company claims Parrish used 665,000 of water in 30 days.

"I thought somebody was crazy because there wasn't no way it would be that much," said Parrish.

Parrish was slapped with a $7,000 water bill. "So where's the water going? And that's a lot of water," said Parks.

In her years of service with the Better Business Bureau and serving on a multi-county water board, she's never seen a bill this high. "The water company should do something to justify this bill," she said.

The water company blames the big bill on a leak somewhere on his land. "If it's on the customers side then they should be able to tell you approximately where the leak is," said Parks.

But Parrish says the company has yet to point out the exact location of the leak. He also says the company has not checked to see if the massive bill stems from a faulty meter. Parks says if you're a customer, like Parrish, you can request for your meter to be read again.

Now, Parks has elected herself to represent Parrish in his water bill battle.

"[I'm going to] ask to go before the board to be put on the agenda before the next board meeting to reduce his bill and then if they don't want to do that then go to Texas Rural Water," said Parks.

Parks says she'll fight for 98-year-old Parrish and for good reason. "There's no signs of a leak out here," she said.

The company's president of the board of directors, Robert McClusky, returned our phone call this afternoon. He says he's requested the meter operator to check if the meter is at fault. McClusky says Parrish's meter will be sent off to a professional in Palestine.

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