Families Displaced After Explosion Take It One Day At A Time

Eugene and Shelia Mathis, and the other five families whose homes were destroyed, met with the Red Cross Monday. For the Mathis family, Thursday's explosion is yet another tragedy they must face. Eugene has been out of work since Mansfield Plumbing shut down in December. Since then, Dhelia's income has been stretched to support the entire family including two kids and her elderly mother. As a result, the couple couldn't afford home insurance. Now they say they're forced to start over from scratch.

Sheila said, "With just me working and my husband has been earnestly looking for a job.  We've been putting applications in for him and just nothing has come through yet, you know."

Eugene says, "Now we gotta start all over again.  Our house has been destroyed and we have to start again from ground one." 

The Red Cross set up the families in hotels until they can find a new place to live.

The father of the owner of Lamb Entertainment, Marvin Lamb, was killed in Thursday's explosion as well as Martin Donner and Melinda Edmundson.

Amy Tatum, reporting.