Dog sniffs out diabetic child's blood sugar levels

Ruby, diabetic alert dog. Photo Source; CNN
Ruby, diabetic alert dog. Photo Source; CNN

DALLAS, TX (CNN) - A Texas toddler has a special, even life-saving bond with her dog.

Ruby, a British terrier, is considered the first ever diabetic alert dog for children under 12.

She is able to detect when 2-year-old Faith Wilson experiences high or low blood sugar. Wilson endures 15 to 20 finger pricks a day because of her diabetes. Ruby triggers them all, warning Faith's mom by fetching a pink stick called a brinsel.

"She does three kinds of alerts. High blood sugar, low blood sugar and keytones," said Sarah Wilson, Faith's mom. "People say stuff about our dog. I say 'I don't have a dog, I have an angel with fur.'"

While a key part of their family, Ruby is just one of the ways the Wilson's monitor Faith's diabetes.

"We like to say that the dog is just an additional tool to add to your arsenal of tools to take care of your diabetic condition," said Dog Trainer Rachel Thornton. "You are still responsible. This is just a dog. It will always be a dog."

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