All Aboard the School Supply Train

This year more than 12,000 East Texas children might go without the tools they need to learn, if not for the School Supply Train.

PATH's School Supply Train made it's first stop in Tyler to kick off this year's drive for much needed supplies.

PATH says many more children will need school supplies this school-year. Last year about 11,000 kids benefitted from the school supply train. This year 1,500 more children will need your help to get the tools they need to learn.

47 different schools in Smith County will benefit. The educators at those schools say this program means a path to a better education in the long-run.

"It helps the child's esteem knowing that they have the supplies that the other students have," says Cynthia Howland, principal at Griffin Elementary. "It also helps them achieve academically, because they are not in need of supplies to do the daily activities."

If you want to make donations to the School Supply Train there will be several drop-offs. You can stop by PATH, KLTV, Brookshire's, Super-1 foods, and Thrifty Nickel.

The School Supply Train is taking donations though August 8th.

Dana Dixon Reporting