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Oliver North tour stops in Tyler

by Bob Hallmark - bio/email

TYLER,TX (KLTV)- He went from a controversial figure in the Iran contra scandal to a talk show host, military icon Oliver North visited Tyler. The former marine corps colonel came through Tyler , signing copies of his latest book, 'American heroes:special operations', profiling the modern day warriors of the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds turned out to Barnes and Noble book store to see the man many view as an American hero.

"Amazing , he's just a knowledge of history, he always stood for what was right," says fan Tina Saxon.

But North's new book is about who he says should be our real heroes, those fighting today's wars.

 "A classic definition of a hero is a person who puts himself at risk for the benefit of others, and every one of those soldiers , sailors , airmen , marines that I've covered now for 9 years has done that," North says.

Burt Webber, a veteran of 3 wars, wanted to meet the man he admired.

"I think he'd be a real good friend , I think he's a man you can get close to," Webber says.

And North waxed political with fans.

"I'll be blunt with you , I think the nation needs a commander in chief who understands the nature of the enemy and is unafraid to say it, who can say we want to win the war and define victory," he said.

North even fielded a question on the wiki leaks controversy.

"I challenge you to go to wiki leaks and find anything about the Russian army and what's happening in Chechnya or the Chinese brutality in Tibet. And I find it to be interesting that wiki leeks only has bad things to say about our military," says North.

Military historian, North says he wrote the book for a simple reason.

"These are the leaders of the next generation this is the brightest , best and bravest of the generation that's fighting this war," he says.

He remains to many , a symbol of patriotism, and he thinks now more than ever, the country needs real heroes.

"I feel strongly that a nation that doesn't have heroes doesn't stay around long, I think they deserve this kind of recognition," says North.

North is a native Texan from San Antonio, a combat decorated marine, and the host of the popular military show 'war stories'.

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