Holiday Weekend No Rest For Game Wardens

For many people, a three day Fourth of July weekend means fun on the lake. For game wardens like Chris Green, it means he'll be spending the week on the lake too.

"Our jobs are a little more interesting on holidays," Green says. "There's more people and more to do."

The game wardens, combined with local police and sheriff's departments, were out in force to make sure everything was all right on the lakes for the big weekend.

"We're just trying to make sure everybody's in compliance," Green says, checking a stopped barge for life-vests. "We don't want anybody to drown, and we don't want anybody to boat while intoxicated."

So while everyone else took the weekend off to enjoy the lake, Chris and his partners were working 10 to 11 hours a day, trying to make sure life jackets and floatation devices were kept up, and alcohol was kept under control.

"We understand that's how it is," he says, "but we do expect the boat operator of a boat or personal watercraft to be alcohol-free."

He understands it's a fine line they tread. As game wardens, they want to keep everything safe but they still want people to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

"When an officer on the street pulls you over you know you've probably run through a stop sign or speeding and you expect to get stopped. Out here, these people are having fun."

"We try not to, but we almost infringe on their fun a little bit."

So Chris spent the weekend pulling them over to make sure everyone was safe on the lakes of East Texas.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.