Family says Nathan and Amanda Anderson were inseparable

By Jena Johnson - bio | email | Twitter

CHAPEL HILL, TX (KLTV)- The pictures of Amanda and Nate Anderson show friendship and affection, something their parents say was how they always were.

"He [Nate] was just telling us the other day about a video they made together a couple of days before she died," said Mark Anderson, Amanda and Nate's father. "They were horsing around, dancing. She was trying to get him dance a certain and he was like she made me dance! She was a good dancer. She liked to dance. She had a lot of rhythm and he was a little more bit more awkward. They did that stuff all the time. They were best friends. There was no animosity."

The family also says the children shared a deep love for their faith.

"They were loving, Christian brother and sister," said Robert Orr, Amanda and Nate's uncle. "They had a relationship with God. They had a relationship with each other that was inseparable."

Now the two are separated, torn apart by a brutal crime and now serious accusations. Close family friend Bryan Jacobe says Nate has struggled without Amanda.

"He and his sister were very close," said Jacobe. "It's been very difficult on him since Amanda's death so we're just kind of been there for him as a family."

"There's just no way he could have done this," said Orr. "They've been just loving ever since they were toddlers."

Nate's grandparents say his world came crashing down the day Amanda died.

"He was in the police car and he was crying so hard and it was so hot and I pulled him out of the car in my arms and my husband did too," said Delores Anderson, grandmother.

"He had such a love for her and such devotion to her and then to find her in the condition that her in is beyond belief," said the grandfather.

"It was hard enough as it was to just get used to it being three of us and now overnight it just feels like two," said Stacey Anderson, Amanda and Nate's mother.

Stacey and Mark Anderson say they will fight for their son, saying he is innocent.

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