Investigators seize 38 dogs at Henderson residence

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Over 30 animals are seized by investigators after the pit bull attack that killed a Rusk county toddler. 2-year old Kaden Muckelroy died yesterday when he was attacked at his home by a dog that was chained up at the time. Investigators say the dogs were of various breeds, including pit bulls. Among them was the pit bull that killed 2 year old Kaden.

"So sad, so sad, I have a two year old and its just a tragedy that poor baby," says neighbor Tori Burton.

38 dogs of mixed breeds with some pit-bulls were removed from the family property and taken to the Henderson animal shelter, and sheriffs tell us that all of the animals appear to be in good condition. Officially we're told the dogs were well fed and well cared for. There was no evidence that they had been used for fighting, and a computer and documents were taken from the home for investigation. Neighbors like Tori Burton had heard the dogs several times, but they did not know just how many were out there.

"I don't even want to think about it , its horrible, very scary , very scary, Burton says.

The saddest part being the innocence of a toddler, who simply wanders into the wrong spot.

"They have no idea that there's harm or bad things or that something's going to hurt them," Burton says.

Right now, Rusk county investigators will not say if they are pursuing criminal charges in that attack.

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