Only on 7: Parents maintain son's innocence

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CHAPEL HILL, TX (KLTV)- The parents of Amanda and Nathan Anderson say they are reeling from two losses. Nathaniel "Nate" Anderson is in the Smith County Attention Center charged with killing his sister, Amanda. She was found in her family's home in September, shot four times in the head. The parents of Amanda and Nate say their son is innocent.

"It was hard enough as it was to just get used to it being three of us and now overnight it just feels like two," said Stacey Anderson, Amanda and Nate's mother.

Twenty-four hours ago, Mark and Stacey Anderson's 15-year-old son Nathan was arrested for their daughter's murder. The two watched helplessly as authorities escorted Nathan to a police car.

"Just seeing his little innocent face standing there," said Stacey. "It's like a bad dream. Handcuffing his hands behind his back. They did let me get all of his stuff off him. He had a necklace that the people at the hospital had given him of a cross and he hasn't taken it off since then."

"All I could do was just hug him, kiss him and they took him," said Mark.

Mark says he told Nathan to be strong. "He doesn't understand how somebody could think that he could kill his sister that he loved so much, and it has just really destroyed my faith in this system," said Mark.

He says his son is innocent. "Nathan did not kill his sister," said Mark. "He did not heinously murder his sister. He did not shoot her four times in the head."

There was a brief moment, Mark says, he wondered if Amanda's death may have been an accident. But he says the brutality of the crime speaks volumes.

"For the first couple of days I had this apprehension that could it have been an accident, but once I found out about that [four gunshots], then that part settled out of me," he said. "I got peace from that. [And I thought] okay, it could not have been Nathan, could not have been Nathan."

The Andersons say authorities have disregarded leads like a car seen parked in the driveway around the same time of the murder.

"They are ignoring evidence that exonerates Nathan and they are focusing on evidence that only builds their own case and they're already out on TV basically saying as far as they're concerned this is done," said Mark.

For Mark and Stacey, the questions for investigators are far from over, but they say the most difficult questions are the ones from their son.

"Who do I ask for help and where's Amanda? Why isn't she here? Why isn't she? Why isn't she here? Why did somebody come in and do that? And then when they start focusing on him and he first realized, it wasn't at first, I tried to shelter him for that, but after a while he realized they were looking at him and he said how can they think I killed Amanda?" said Mark.

How could police think a brother, who loved his sister so much, take her life?

"Yes he looked up to her," said Stacey. "I mean not even jealous. He has never, ever been jealous of her even so I can't imagine what motive they could come up with in their mind."

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