East Texans push for ban on Pit Bulls

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Wednesday's Pit Bull attack comes less than two weeks after another East Texas toddler was nearly killed by a Pit Bull.  A group of East Texans are pushing for a state-wide ban on Pit Bulls, and a first draft of the legislation will be presented to state senators on Friday.

In just two years, two East Texas children have been killed by the dogs. Douglas Wolfe is ready for the state to take action after his granddaughter was nearly killed by a Pit Bull.

"We know that drinking and driving is dangerous. We know that combination kills, so we outlaw it, and we put people in jail that do it," Wolfe said. "We know Pit Bulls are dangerous. We know that Pit Bulls kill. Why have they not been outlawed already?"

Cynthia Stevens Kent represents the Clinton family, whose son was killed by a Pit Bull, and drafted the legislation that would ban Pit Bulls.

"Do we love our Pit Bulls more than we love our children and our grandchildren? Let's quit nibbling around the edges while our children die and are mauled. Let's just come out and do it. Ban pit bulls. Make it a felony offense to possess a Pit Bull," Kent said.

Kent also said if a ban is not enacted, a provision would allow people to own Pit Bulls only if they're kept secure.

"We are talking about 8 foot fences, covered on the top that go one foot into the ground. Secure locks, so children can't get into them," Kent said.

Despite the danger, there are Pit Bull owners who said a ban would prompt people to breed the dogs for the wrong reasons.

"If you make it illegal, it becomes more meaningful to the people who are doing it anyway, and they are just going to find deeper places in the woods to do it," Colleen Faulkner said.

Kent said she will present the first draft of the legislation to State Senator Eltife and State Representative Hopson on Friday.

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