Explosion Damages Kilgore Homes

It has sadly turned into a familiar part of our American vocabulary; "ground zero". That's what they're calling the Lamb Entertainment explosion site in Kilgore.

Recovery crews scoured the rubble on Friday looking for clues; and any fireworks that weren't set off in the initial blast. Investigators are still trying to find out why the blast happened.  Kilgore's chief of police, says static electricity may have been a possible factor. But as of right now the cause is still undetermined.

The Red Cross has determined that six homes were destroyed, and eleven had major structural damage and twenty had minor damage.  The magnitude of the blast was immense, shattering windows on homes for several blocks. Steel girders were twisted like preztels  the force of the explosion turned steel beams and bricks into missiles... ... In many cases window and door frames were the only things holding roofs up.

Many residents came home on Friday afternoon to board up their shattered windows, and salvage what they could.

The bodies of three people were found early Friday at the explosion site. They were 58 year old Martin Donner, Marvin Lamb, and 25 year old Melinda Edmundson.