Amanda Anderson's father says son is innocent

By Jena Johnson - bio | email | Twitter

CHAPEL HILL, TX (KLTV)-  For weeks after Amanda Anderson's death, many in her Chapel Hill neighborhood were afraid to let their families go outside. While neighbors say they are relieved a suspect has been caught, Amanda's family says they've arrested the wrong person.

At Tyler Gospel Church, those closest to Amanda's family were praying Wednesday night. Just hours earlier in the church's parking lot, Amanda's 15-year-old brother, Nathan, was arrested for her murder.

On the advise of the family's attorney, the father of Nathan ,Mark Anderson has declined an on camera interview but gave KLTV 7 this statement :"We believe in the innocence of our son and we are putting all of our trust in God."

"There's no way Nathan could have done this," said Robert Orr, Amanda and Nathan's uncle.

"They were just as close as brothers and sisters can be. I mean they were best friends. They were buddies. They were inseparable," said Orr.

Family friend Bryan Jacobe says he was there for Amanda's birth, and then Nathan's. He says he can't fathom Nathan taking his sister's life.

"He's loving," said Jacobe. "He's a good Christian. It's not's just not."

But back at the crime scene, neighbor Travis Plaisance tells a different story.

"For us it wasn't terribly shocking," said Plaisance. "We kind of figured that was going on, that's what it was because nothing was adding up for us."

According to authorities, Nathan claimed he was jogging the night Amanda was murdered.

"We had heard that he was jogging down the road, we've never seen him jog down the road," said Plaisance.

Although there is some relief, sadness looms over the neighborhood.

"I feel so bad for the family," said Charity Mullins. "I know that's just another blow for them and my heart goes out to them."

"I'm just so glad it's closure tonight," said neighbor Shamekia Bonner. "I was so glad that they have at least found the person, but I hate that it's within the family."

Closure to some, but only the beginning for others. "He's a loving, caring sibling for his sister," said Orr. "He's been in mourning for the past few months there's no way that he could have done this."

Nathan and Amanda's father, Mark Anderson, says he plans to talk to his son at the detention center Friday. He says he's not allowed to visit Nathan Thursday because it's Veterans Day.

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