Three Killed In Fireworks Plant Explosion

It was an emotional afternoon, Friday, as the owner of Pyrotechnics by Lamb said good-bye to two of his employees and his own father.

"Yesterday," owner Joe Lamb said, "Three wonderful people tragically lost their lives doing something that they truly loved to do."

Lamb read briefly from a prepared statement, pausing several times for tears.

"My prayers and my sorrow go out to the families of Marty Donner, Melinda Edmunson, and to my family, with the loss of my father, Marvin Lamb, and our family dog Sandy."

While the recovery and investigation continues, Kilgore police say some of the damage in the surrounding area will take some time to repair. Six houses were rendered structurally unsound by the blast, and businesses up and down highway 259 also took damage. But property damage pales in comparison to the loss at Lamb.

"They loved doing what they wanted to do," Joe Lamb said, "and they loved giving it to the people of this East Texas area."

"God be with those families."

Reid Kerr ( reporting.