Pit Bull kills two-year-old, family reacts

By Sara Story - bio | email

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV)- For the second time in two weeks, Pit Bulls have attacked a child in East Texas. This time, the attack was fatal. Authorities say two-year-old Kaden Muckleroy was mauled outside his home in Rusk County on Wednesday morning. The toddler's family says the dog was chained to a tree when he killed the two-year-old.

"We could hardly keep him [Kaden] in. All he wants to be is outside, playing in something, playing with the dogs. That was his thing, his puppy and outside," said Mary Candie, the toddler's aunt.

Candie says Kaden lived with his mom and grandparents at his grandparent's home in Rusk County. Authorities say the Pit Bull was one of 30 mixed-breed dogs living in their backyard. "They love animals. That's their passion. Their passion is their kids and loving animals," explained Candie.

"There is a possibility that they were doing other things with them [the dogs], but we've got a full investigation going on right now," said Danny Pirtle, the Rusk County Sheriff.

Rusk County Sheriff's Department took all of the dogs into custody Wednesday afternoon, including the Pit Bull that mauled Kaden. Sheriff Pirtle said, "I think some kind of control needs to be done with Pit Bulls. Legislation needs to pass that will control these dogs."

Candie said, "It was something you thought would never happen, because hands-on raising them, nurturing them... I just advise everybody, if you have Pit Bulls, any kind of wild dog, don't have them around."

The Rusk County Sheriff's Department is investigating the attack. So far, no charges have been filed.

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