Arrest affidavit released in Anderson murder case

Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson

SMITH COUNTY (KLTV) - The brother of a murdered Smith County woman has been arrested for the crime.

We're told that Mark Nathaniel Anderson is facing murder charges for the death of 19-year-old Amanda Anderson.

Amanda was shot and killed on September 15. According to the arrest affidavit, an autopsy revealed that Amanda was shot 4 times with a .22 caliber: Twice in the back, once in the side and once in the front. The affidavit also says a door from the garage into the home appeared to be forced open, but nothing was taken from the house. Authorities say a gun owned by Nathan cannot be ruled out as the murder weapon.

The affidavit says Nathan told investigators that he found Amanda and that she had been shot several times. Nathan also told investigators that he did not enter the room. But, according to the affidavit, evidence was found on Nathan's clothes that could only be there if he was in the room when she was shot. In the affidavit, investigators found evidence of blood on Nathan's clothing.

Investigators say the only way blood could have been on Nathan's clothes was if he was in the room when Amanda was shot. The affidavit says a nationally renowned expert in the field of blood spatter evidence believes the blood pattern on Nathan's clothes is consistent with what he would expect to find on the shooter's clothing.

Smith County Sheriff J. B. Smith says Nathan has been charged with murder. So far, no word on a motive.

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