Community Spotlight - Adoption Agencies

Perhaps you have seen our Gift of Love segment each week in our ten o'clock news. Jennifer Hines profiles a young person or persons that are on the search for a forever family. It is easy to fall in love with a young child who for any number of reasons is separated from their birth family.  While we only get to see one or a couple of children a week, there are literally thousands of children waiting to be adopted at any given time in the United States and the number grows even larger throughout the world. People adopt children for any number of reasons, but the common thread is that the children receive a chance at life in an environment of love when an adoption occurs. November is National Adoption Month and what more fitting theme right before the holidays. Can you imagine what it must be like spend that first Christmas or holiday meal with your new forever family? The need is there and the question becomes "Who will answer the need?" So it is in recognition of the forever families across our area and the forever families yet to come that we name the various adoption resources in east Texas as KLTV's Community Spotlight for November. Listed below are resources to learn more about the life changing event of adopting a child.