Man calls Crime Stoppers to score drugs

Detective Al Rozansky
Detective Al Rozansky

BUFFALO, NY (CNN) - A lucky break for police in Buffalo, New York.

A man hoping to buy illegal drugs accidentally calls a Crimestoppers hotline.

When Detective Al Rozansky answers the Crime Stoppers tip phone, which he carries, he always answers, "Crimestoppers".

He received a call earlier this week from someone who apparently misdialed and didn't hear how he answered the phone. The man indicated to Al, that he wanted to buy some drugs.

Al didn't miss a beat. The narcotics detective played right along.

Detective Rozansky says, "I couldn't believe that he really was doing this and then he said 'Are you sure this is Eduardo' or whatever, and I go' Yea, I got a new phone, its hard' and he says 'Okay, good, good' and I actually was stunned he'd actually follow through and meet us, but he did."

He met undercover officers at Main and Transit.  They didn't arrest him, but used him as an informant to lead them to a supplier who was making a sale in the parking lot of a restaurant down the road.

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