E. Texas bus driver says student's father beat him

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) – An east Texas school bus driver was allegedly beaten in front of a bus full of children by an angry father.

Police say John Dale Johnson, got onto the bus Friday and attacked the driver.

It happened at J.H. Moore Elementary School, near East Texas Baptist University.

Around 4:00 p.m., after the bus dropped off a student down the street from the school, that student's father blocked the bus in the bus ramp.

Police say he got on the bus and beat the driver. The driver was taken to the emergency room, and we're told he is recovering from his injuries.

But, KSLA News 12's Tracy Clemons spoke with Johnson about the incident, and Johnson said we didn't have to entire story.

He claims that his child was assaulted by the bus driver, before the incident. He says that his child told him that the bus driver gave him the bloody lip that he had.

"Right now we're still gathering information as far as what happened before the alleged assault and what happened after it took place," said Detective Sonya Johnson.

John Dale Johnson is charged with injury to an elderly person.

Watch the video to hear more of what Johnson had to say.

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