Friends mourn untimely death of Troup teen

Caleb Turner
Caleb Turner

By Jamey Boyum - email

TROUP, TX (KLTV) - A Troup man lost his life November 6, when he apparently lost control of his vehicle and ran into a tree.

Nineteen year-old Caleb Turner was driving his truck on County road 4625 Saturday night, when the accident occurred.

We visited his home town where he was known to some as "Gentle Ben".

Caleb Benjamin Turner one of the happiest people Cindy Steele knew. She helps run Steele's Feed and Seed in downtown Troup. She saw him grow up, and her son was one of Caleb's best friends.

Cindy said," I've known him since birth. He was very easy going, well-liked, a lot of people just called him "Gentle Ben". He was just a really good kid.

He played some football in Junior High school, but he got into different things when he got a little older.

"He was more into AG. He loved to weld and he loved to rope. He was really getting in to roping," Cindy added.

Caleb was in the learning stages of team roping, but didn't get to compete in a rodeo. Justin Gatlin was a couple years older than Caleb, but said Caleb stopped by the feed store regularly.

He said," He was always a friendly guy. He was in here Saturday morning. He hung out for 30-45 minutes showing us his new truck."

And telling Justin he was planning on doing some roping the next day. For Caleb, that day never came.

Cindy and Justin feel it will take a lot of time for this wound to heal.

"The town took a big loss when they lost him. Never would I hear a bad word about Caleb Turner. He always had a smile on his face," she said.

This gentle giant, forever a teenager, will be sorely missed.

Services for Caleb Turner are scheduled for Wednesday, November 10th at the first Baptist church in Troup.

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