A Better East Texas: UIL needs to change rules

The UIL needs to take a look at the rule structure governing how teams qualify for playoff in football. Recently, a Friday night game between Jacksonville and Nacogdoches ended with Jacksonville winning after 12 overtimes.  The game made national news and it appeared, to those who were not there, that it was an offensive standoff that went back and forth for 5 hours.  Now, taking nothing away from the teams, the boys played honorably, but what kept the game going was the need for Nacogdoches to win by at least 8 points to make the playoffs and for Jacksonville to just win. Each time Nacogdoches would score in overtime, they would go for the two point conversion – a total of eight points.  If they failed, then they would allow Jacksonville to score on the next series.  Nac would stiffen up to stop the extra point and the game would continue – for 5 hours and 12 overtimes.  So this became more about working the playoff system than it did about going out and winning the game.  Several players were injured during the back and forth jockeying in O-T so this game took its toll in others ways as well.  The coaches were doing what they believed was in the interest of their team's future this season but surely someone from the U-I-L will see this for what it was, a poor reason for two good football teams to enter the record books.  The U-I-L needs to fix the rule and prevent this from ever happening again – and that will make for a Better East Texas.