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Parking lot charges pedestrian traffic $5

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "The Pit" parking lot in downtown Cleveland on W. 3rd Street charged pedestrian traffic $5 bucks again to enter the lot.

This, after negative publicity forced the lot to drop the "walk-in" fee before the previous Browns home game.

Network Parking told 19 Action News Sunday that the fee was here to stay, so if you plan on walking down to "The Pit" before next weekend's Browns, Jets game... make sure you bring an extra $5 bucks to enter the property.

Network Parking decided that $30 dollars a car wasn't enough to cover extra security, clean-up and restroom maintenance so they kicked in a $5 dollar pedestrian fee.

What do you think? Is it ridiculous that the company started the fee, then dropped it and now brought it back?

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