Hunters abound as deer season opens

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- The woods in Texas are alive with more than just wildlife this weekend, hunters are out in abundance for the opening of deer season! Rifles , ammo, and scopes have been flying off the shelves at places like Solid Pawn gun shop in Longview.

"Ammunition, scopes , slings all kinds of accessories," says Jeff Mercer at Solid Pawn gun sales.

It is expected to be one of the busiest hunting seasons on record in Texas.

"Most people that buy a hunting license are going to hunt opening weekend and through the holidays so that would be a pretty fair estimate," says Nacogdoches game warden Heath Bragg.

For many, like 85 year old Ray Lowry who's been hunting for over 70 years, its a matter of confidence, and the right rifle.

"I was around 14 when I went first, I think without confidence you'll fail, I think a gun is 99 percent of that confidence, for me part of the preparation is to make sure that my gun shoots where I want it to shoot," Lowry says.

And that need is producing great sales.

"People start getting their scopes and ammo and start sighting their guns in so that's when the rush kind of starts with the rifles," says Mercer.

Texas parks and wildlife says hunters spend over 4-billion dollars annually on guns and hunting gear, and provide a needed shot in the arm to the economy.

"Harvest seems to be up this year a lot of folks in the woods a lot of people hunting a lot of deer being taken," Bragg says.

Parks and wildlife officials estimate about a million people will be hunting in Texas from now until January, and over 100-thousand of them will come in from out of state.

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