Families pushing for statewide ban on pit bulls

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VAN, TX (KLTV)- A grandfather is fighting to ban pit bulls within Van city limits. Douglas Wolfe's two-year-old granddaughter was mauled one week ago on Halloween. Sunday, Wolfe met a family whose ten-year-old son was killed by two pit bulls one year ago. The families say they're planning to take their battle statewide.

Serenia and Kevin Clinton's ten year old son, Justin, was mauled to death by two pit bulls a year ago. Now, they're reaching out to Wolfe, whose granddaughter Summer Adams, was viciously attacked by a pit bull. She's now recovering from seven bite marks and hundreds of stitches.

After a report on KLTV, Clinton says she had to meet Summer and the grandfather that was fighting for her.

"I set there and listened to him talk and I was crying through the whole thing," said Clinton.

She says Summer's story took her back to the day Justin was attacked. "What was his last thoughts? Momma, I want my momma," she said.

"As badly as Summer was injured and all, I can't imagine what y'all had to go through because Summer's here and Justin isn't," said Wolfe.

They're prepared to take their case to the next legislative session in January. They say they refuse to sit back and watch another family suffer.

"That makes it all the more important to get something down," said Wolfe. "I've said at the meeting and I'll say it over and over, these takes are preventable, but we don't have the proper mechanisms in place to prevent them."

As the Clintons reel from the loss of their son, they say Summer's survival has given them new hope.

"If I want to get this done, I've told myself I've got to stay strong and get this done for him," said Clinton.

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