West Nile Virus In East Texas To Stay

West Nile Virus made it's appearance in East Texas last year, and now experts say it is here to stay.

So far, five cases have appeared in the area. A crow was confirmed infected in Smith County this week, two horses in Van Zandt county have been discovered, and one horse in Gregg county, and one in Angelina County near Lufkin.

Despite these positive cases, the Texas Department of Health says no one should panic, and that the chances of coming down with West Nile are very slim.

"Even people who are bitten by mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus, only about 1 out of 150 actually become seriously ill. Others might have a small slight illness, not even realize they had West Nile," says Dr. James Wright of TDH.

Plus, a very small number of mosquitoes can carry West Nile, with the number increasing as the summer wears on.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.