Rangers Deal Everett

The Texas Rangers tried to deal away Juan Gonzalaz, and it did not work. So late last night they traded outfielder Carl Everett to the Chicago White Sox for three minor leaguers. The Rangers will also give the White Sox some cash to offset part of Everett's $9.15 million contract.

The White Sox aquired Everett hours after picking up second baseman Roberto Alomar. I'm going to miss these guys,"Everett said. Everett is hitting .274 with 18 home runs and 51 RBI. Everett is still eligible to become a free agent after the season. He was capable of blocking the deal to Chicago, but he did not.

This trade of Everett seems to be starting a trend for the Rangers of getting rid of thier older high-priced veterans. On June 6th the Rangers sent Ruben Sierra to the New York Yankees for a minor leaguer.