Truck crashes into Longview grocery store

Skinner's grocery store
Skinner's grocery store

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Just before 10:00 this morning, a man driving a pick-up truck pulled into the Skinner's Grocery and Market parking lot at Dellwood and H. G. Mosley, in Longview.

As he was pulling up to the front doors, he mistakenly hit the accelerator, smashing through the front doors and lobby of the store.  He then, backed out of the building and hit another vehicle.

Disoriented, he hit the gas again, went back into the building, striking an ATM, before backing out again and hitting a delivery truck.

Amazingly, nobody was seriously injured in the accident; the driver of the pick-up truck is being checked out by paramedics on the scene.

There was substantial damage to the building.

Authorities are still investigation the accident.

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