A Better East Texas: House Cleaning

We have just witnessed a house cleaning of sorts with the election and majority turnover in the House of Representatives. Voters across the nation spoke out against President Obama and congress' policies and practices. The question now becomes will anyone elected truly listen. For decades being a scandal-free incumbent meant almost automatic re-election.  But those days are over. Congress, at least for this election, has been measured as a body. That model failed and it was an ugly scene. Incumbents across the land need to take notice that regardless of the office. No elected official is safe if your service record does not match up with your constituent's values and interests. It would also seem obvious that the republicans in the house now have a window of about 18-months to advance the trust of their constituents or there will be another round of house cleaning in twenty-twelve. Gridlock is not an option either and voters have become intolerant on no action or self-serving action. I for one am glad for this renaissance of holding our elected officials accountable. It is a challenge to the status quo, but isn't that the way our system should work? Elected officials should respect their constituents more than they respect a special interest or a party agenda and keeping that truth before them will strengthen our nation and make for a Better East Texas.