Woman's neighbor charged with rape

Brad Tomey. Photo Source: Gibson County Sheriff Department
Brad Tomey. Photo Source: Gibson County Sheriff Department

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PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - Princeton police tell 14 News a woman was held for 12 hours against her will in the upstairs apartment adjacent to hers on North Main Street.

The man in custody is 40-year-old Brad Tomey.

From evidence gathered, police believe Tomey assaulted the victim, and forced her at knife point into his apartment.

The victim didn't show up for work Wednesday morning, and her son missed school, that behavior friends and family say, was a red flag.

Family were relieved the boy was okay, but when they arrived at the victim's North Main Street apartment, they realized something horrible had happened to her, and immediately called Princeton authorities.

Authorities put up crime scene tape, and after obtaining a search warrant, they entered the victim's home. Evidence found by a police search had family members close to the victim on edge.

"When they said there was blood in the apartment you always think the worst, but you hope for the best," said the mother of the victim.

Police expanded their search to other apartments and discovered the female victim being held against her will.

According to the Princeton's Clarion's interview with Princeton Police Chief Butch Davis, police found the woman bleeding in the bathtub in the upstairs apartment, with Tomey holding a knife at her throat.

14 News was there as the victim was taken out of the apartment she was being held in.

Family members say she was rushed to the hospital for significant bruising. Our media partner, the Princeton Clarion, says the victim was taken to Gibson Hospital in serious condition with a stab wound.

Tomey was taken into custody and police say he faces charges of burglary, confinement, rape, battery with a deadly weapon and several others.

What led Police to Tomey was when they discovered Tomey was a registered sex offender.

Tomey was convicted of rape in 1989.

He will appear in court Thursday morning.

Someone on this story's comments said that Tomey was a lottery winner.

14 News did some digging and found out that Tomey won $100,000 from the Hoosier Lottery back in July.

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