Vanish Those Veins

Laurie Rossman: "I love to workout."

Laurie Rossman works out five to six days a week, but she recently became very self conscience about going to the gym. The reason for the lack of confidence was wearing shorts that showed off the spider veins running up and down her legs.

Rossman: "I am so thankful there are capri length workout clothes. I had a lot of those. It was just more comfortable to know my little veins weren't showing."

Laurie isn't afraid of wearing shorts anymore though because she recently had sclerotherapy at Dermatology Associates in Tyler.

Dr. Max Adler performs sclerotherpay every day on hundreds of women. He takes tiny shots of saline and injects them in the spider veins. Within minutes the veins become less noticeable.

Dr. Adler: "You're using an irritating solution (the saline). It will irritate the inside of the blood vessel. That irritation damages the blood vessel and then it is closed off.

Laurie: "It's not painful, or at least it wasn't painful for me. It took about 20 minutes from the first injection to the last."

When the procedure was finished, they wrapped her legs firmly with cloth that looked like an ace bandage. There was a little bruising right afterward but within five weeks, Laurie says her legs were spider vein free. Now she has no fear about going to the gym and wearing shorts.

Laurie: There is a different level of confidence because I feel the first thing that's going to be noticed is not my spider veins."

For more information on Sclerotherapy, contact your dermatologist.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.