Republicans sweep House, East Texans react

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Members of both political parties claim they're ready to move forward and restore hope in American people. Some East Texans say last night's Republican victory sends a clear message to Washington.

Americans woke up to a changed political landscape. "Yay!" exclaimed Jim Ewbank, a Tyler resident. "Which may tell you what color I am. Red or blue? Red!"

Republicans gained control of the House, and their battle cry was heard. "We've come to take our government back!" shouted Republican Rand Paul.

"The American people have sent an unmistakable message to him [President Obama] tonight, and that message is 'Change course!'" exclaimed John Boehner, the new House Majority Leader.

East Texans say this change carries expectations. "If you don't have hope, you might as well be dead, I suppose. I am hopeful that things will, in terms of taxes and growth of federal government, will really slow down," said Gary Demarest, a Tyler resident.

"The lack of jobs, more than anything. Unfortunately, money isn't everything, but it makes the world go round," said Kevin Jackson, a Jacksonville resident. Rosie Zamora added, "You've got health care for seniors, and then you've got education. Not enough is being spent on that, and if you're looking at this young population and you are not providing the kind of setting to make them be productive in this world-wide economy, we are going to continue to have problems."

Some East Texans remain skeptical that the shift will produce results, especially with a divided congress. "I just hope the shift is going to make the Republican side of Congress step up and do something constructive instead of criticizing what Obama's done. I mean, if somebody can do it, lets do it together," said Judy Hayes, a Tyler resident.

Brenita Williams agreed with Hayes. She said, "People get so caught up in 'Democrat' and 'Republican' instead of looking at the bigger picture."

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