Tyler voters have a multi-million dollar decision today

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler voters have a multi-million dollar decision to make. Another TISD bond is on the ballot today.

Both sides say they spent the weekend trying to push voters to the polls.

The 'Vote Yes' spokesperson, Andy Bergfeld said, "at this point, mainly all we do is email and phone calls and make sure that the people who have committed to vote actually made it to the polls or they can get out today and do that."

The 'Grassroots' spokesperson, Rick Eisenbach, reiterated, we appreciate the board of trustees, the bond election and what they are after. We just feel like until some questions are answered, some very pertinent questions are answered, we need to get it right, do a bond election later,  not now.

Both sides tell us they feel confident the people will make the right choice.

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