Voters decide on alcohol sales today in 4 ETX locations

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Wet/dry election results will soon be in for Smith County Precinct 4, Bullard, Whitehouse, and White Oak.

The city of Winona, which lies within Precinct 4, recently approved alcohol sales.

The city administrator, James Bixler, says sales tax revenues have gone up more than 500 percent, from $3,000 a month to $17,000 a month.

City officials say DWI numbers have not increased, but burglaries and vandalism have gone up.

Some residents are still not pleased with the impact of the liquor stores.

Winona resident, Charles Beames says, " I think it's terrible. Its probably done some good for the taxes and stuff but I haven't seen no improvement at all."

City Administrator, Mr. Bixler says, "The biggest thing our city council and mayor wanted to do is fix our roads, we've been able to spend about $50,000 so far repaving our roads, our entry way to our roads".

The city of Winona says they also put 10 percent of the sales tax revenue in a "park fund" each month.

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