Tyler Residents Protest Commercial Zoning Plan

The Tyler Planning and Zoning Commission will consider zoning more than 325 acres of land in South Tyler for commercial retail usage Tuesday.

The area affected is bordered by Cumberland Road to the north, Highway 69 to the west, and Skidmore Lane to the south

South Tyler residents living near the proposed development voiced their opinions to commercial developers working the project at a community meeting Monday night.

Representatives from Fair Management, the company spear-heading the project, said they would consider residents' concerns at the zoning meeting in Tyler.

Residents attending the meeting called the zoning plans too vague and said they fail to explain what buffers will be placed between their homes and any added developments.

"To just come in and say, yeah, commercial property. That's a free ticket, says Sue Clark who lives on Cumberland, north of the proposed development. "Once the zoning is approved, no one has any say how it is used. I think that's a major concern."

Bob Garrett with Fair Management Company told residents zoning would have to be in place before developers could nail down a more specific commercial retail plan.

The Tyler Planning and Zoning commission will consider the plan during a meeting at City Hall. The hearing starts at 1:30 p.m.

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.